Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai

Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai

Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai

(1930 - 1993)

Daniel Kane Pai (Born: Daniel Kalimahae Paíi) was born in Kameula, Hawaii on April 4, 1930. His grandfather began teaching him martial arts at the age of five. After the end of World War II, Daniel studied Judo/Ju-jutsu under H.S. Okazaki and Richard Takamoto. Daniel also studied Okinawan Kempo under Richard Takamoto, under whom he attained an 8th Dan in 1970. Other people Daniel Pai may have trained with, or was influenced by were Lum Dai-Yung (Fut-Gar), Shigeru Nakamura (Okinawan Kempo), Gogen Yamaguchi (Goju-Ryu), and Morhei Ueshiba (Aikido).

From the late 60ís until his death in 1993 Daniel K. Pai was a driving force in the spreading of Chinese and Okinawan martial arts in North America. Originally teaching Okinawan Kempo & Karate in the 50ís and 60ís and then spreading his Kung-Fu method from the late 60's throughout 70ís, 80ís and 90ís.

Some time around 1972, due to the passing of one of his relatives (His Uncle; either a blood relative or Kung-Fu relative), Daniel Pai inherited the rank and title of Grandmaster in his familyís Kung-Fu Method.

In the early 1970ís, Daniel K. Pai formed the "Pai-Lum Association." During these early days, he also served as chief instructor for both the "USKA (Chinese Kempo Division)" and the "Canadian Fire Dragon Association" while also serving on the board of directors for the "East Coast Karate Federation." This era peaked out with over 2400 students in fifty plus "Pai-Lum" and "Fire Dragon" schools operating in North America.

In the mid 70ís the "U.S. White Dragon Martial Arts Society" was formed. and produced a team that on July 4, 1976 was awarded a "Certificate of Merit" for superb achievement during the Kuo-Shu demonstrations (held in Taipei, Republic of China), by Tsai Hung-Wen, president of the Kuo-Shu Federation. Grandmaster Paiís team participated in the 2nd World Kuo-Shu Tournament in 1978 (Taipei, ROC.), leading to him being appointed "Delegate at Large" for the "Chinese Kuo-Shu Worldwide Promotion Association" (CKWPA).

The 3rd World Kuo-Shu Tournament was organized by Daniel K. Pai and was held in 1980 (Hawaii, USA). In 1983, Grandmaster Paiís U.S. team, participated in the 4th World Kuo-Shu Tournament (Taipei, ROC.). On November 10 of that year he was elected as Vice president of the 2nd executive board of the CKWPA. In 1984 he organized, and served as President, of the CKWPA-USA Branch. The "Amateur Athletic Union" (AAU) appointed him as delegate at large to the National AAU Kung Fu committee and the "International Kung Fu Association" (IKFA), representing the Florida State Region in April 1984.

The Summer of 1989 saw Daniel K. Pai organizing and hosting the 6th World Kuo-Shu Tournament (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.). This was the last major Kuo-Shu event personally oversaw by Grandmaster Pai, as his tenure as President of the "International Chinese Kuo-Shu Federation - U.S.A" (formerly CKWPAUSA) came to an end in late 1990.

With Grandmaster Paiís passing in 1993 the arts of the Pai Family are being spread, in many variations, by his senior students (2nd generation) and their students (3rd generation).

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